“Why has God created the world.”

A. Ask God why He has created this world! Attain wisdom of the Self. Then you will know why God created the world. You cannot understand it with the intellect. You can understand it only with intuition. For the sake of sport, God created the world. Lokavattu Lila Kaivalyam. Creation of the world has a purpose. Just as we cannot have a sun without rays, similarly, we cannot have God without the world process. The world is like His rays. It is Svabhava, Nature. Just as a juggler to produce something and then make it disappear, so also, God produces this world and makes it disappear. God is omnipotent. To ask why He created the world is an Ati-prasna, a transcendental question. We will be only wasting time by discussing it using words. Before asking about the world, ask about yourself. Know who you are. Then you will know everything.


About Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

FIRST CLASS FREE Teaching classical yoga in San Francisco since 1957. This nonprofit organization, founded by Swami Vishnu-devananda, teaches methods to attain physical, mental and spiritual health based on Vedanta philosophy. Our dedicated, volunteer staff are all internationally certified teachers. We offer daily drop-in hatha yoga classes for all levels, daily satsang/meditation/kirtan, vegetarian meals after class, special events/workshops, as well as courses in hatha yoga, in positive thinking & meditation, and in related spiritual topics. Our open classes accommodate beginning through advanced students and consist of savasana (relaxation), pranayama (breathing exercises), Sun Salutations (warm-up exercises) and 12 asanas (postures). Variations of these postures are usually included and others added according to the level of the students. Classes are 90 minutes, with the exception of our beginners' drop-in class, which is 1 hour. FREE OPEN HOUSE - 1st Sunday of every month.
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