The Body is a Yantra

In Satsang this morning we read a segment from Swami Vishnudevananda’s Upadesa, where he discusses energy within the body and the constant movement from one wavelength to the next. He says our bodies are yantras, which is a figure, a triangle for example, that creates energy, like an engine. We must move this energy up the chakras, the energy centers in the astral body, and the only way to do this is through practice. We cannot move energy just by understanding the concept of moving energy, we must experience it and practice mindfully to get the full benefits through asanas, pranayama, japa, and chanting.

“Everything originates from energy. It is the cause of our physical body. Beauty is nothing but the energy inside. ‘Avon calling’ has nothing to do with it. Vibrations keep changing because it is impossible not to change. The energy keeps moving from one wavelength to another. In the body this is called ‘old age’. Sometimes we accelerate this wavelength and old age takes place very fast. For example, if I crush this flower in my hand it will decay in a few seconds. Your body’s wavelength can change slowly or rapidly. When you do pranayama and asanas, bandhas and mudras or meditate on a chakra you are changing your wavelength, moving the energy to a higher chakra, a higher level. You want to bring your energy to the highest centre, OM.
There is a purpose to all this. You can’t just learn it intellectually: you ahve to experience it, learn it intuitively. Understanding intellectually is good so to that you don’t do it mechanically, like a parrot. Practise consciously, then the energy can be brought up very easily, and you can get the benefits. Your body is like a triangle. It is radiating energy. Each chakra is oscillating. Everything is symmetrical. Nothing happens without energy. Your body is nothing but the blossom of your inner seed. We do asanas, pranayama, japa, chanting just to stimulate the energy and bring it to a higher level. The whole body is nothing but a yantra.”

Upadesa, along with many other books, can be found in our Boutique here at the SF Center.


About Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

FIRST CLASS FREE Teaching classical yoga in San Francisco since 1957. This nonprofit organization, founded by Swami Vishnu-devananda, teaches methods to attain physical, mental and spiritual health based on Vedanta philosophy. Our dedicated, volunteer staff are all internationally certified teachers. We offer daily drop-in hatha yoga classes for all levels, daily satsang/meditation/kirtan, vegetarian meals after class, special events/workshops, as well as courses in hatha yoga, in positive thinking & meditation, and in related spiritual topics. Our open classes accommodate beginning through advanced students and consist of savasana (relaxation), pranayama (breathing exercises), Sun Salutations (warm-up exercises) and 12 asanas (postures). Variations of these postures are usually included and others added according to the level of the students. Classes are 90 minutes, with the exception of our beginners' drop-in class, which is 1 hour. FREE OPEN HOUSE - 1st Sunday of every month.
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